Khursand Yorov, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow



Building 5, Level 4, 4287-WS08

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Research Interests

My research focuses on developing novel metal halide perovskite nanomaterials for optoelectronics applications


Selected Publications

  • Superhydrophobic and luminescent highly porous nanostructured alumina monoliths modified with tris(8-hydroxyquinoli... 
    K. E. Yorov, A. N. Khodan, A. E. Baranchikov, V. V. Utochnikova, N. P. Simonenko, A. N. Be...
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 293, 109804, (2020)
  • Photoluminescent porous aerogel monoliths containing ZnEu-complex: the first example of aerogel modified with a het... 
    K. E. Yorov, S. Y. Kottsov, А. Е. Baranchikov, O. V. Boytsova, M. A. Kiskin, E. A. Varaksi...
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 92(2), 304318, (2019)
  • Femtosecond Spectroscopy of Au Hot-Electron Injection into TiO2: Evidence for Au/TiO2 Plasmon Photocatalysis by Bac... 
    M. Radzig, O. Koksharova, I. Khmel, V. Ivanov, K. Yorov, J. Kiwi, S. Rtimi, E. Tastekova, ...
    Nanomaterials, 9(2):217232, (2019)
  • Unexpected hydrolytic transformation of new type hybrid bromobismuthates with methylpyrazinium dications 
    V. Y. Kotov, A. B. Ilyukhin, P. A. Buikin, N. P. Simonenko, A. A. Korlyukov, A. F. Smol’ya...
    Dalton Transactions, 48(22), 76027611, (2019)
  • The relationship between the crystal structure and optical properties for isomeric aminopyridinium iodobismuthates 
    P. A. Buikin, A. B. Ilyukhin, A. E. Baranchikov, K. E. Yorov, V. Y. Kotov
    Mendeleev Communications, 28:490492, (2018)
  • Luminescent alumina-based aerogels modified with tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum 
    Kh E. Yorov, A. D. Yapryntsev, A. E. Baranchikov, T. V. Khamova, E. A. Straumal, S. A. Ler...
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 86(2), 400409, (2018)
  • First rare-earth phosphate aerogel: sol–gel synthesis of monolithic ceric hydrogen phosphate aerogel 
    K. E. Yorov, T. О. Shekunova, А. Е. Baranchikov, G. P. Kopitsa, L. Almásy, L. S. Skogareva...
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 85(3), 574584, (2018)
  • New insights into polymer mediated formation of anatase mesocrystals 
    O. V. Boytsova, A. A. Sadovnikov, K. E. Yorov, A. N. Beltiukov, A. E. Baranchikov, V. K. I...
    CrystEngComm, 19:32813287, (2017)
  • SiO2–TiO2 binary aerogels: Synthesis in new supercritical fluids and study of thermal stability 
    Kh E. Yorov, N. A. Sipyagina, A. E. Baranchikov, S. A. Lermontov, L. P. Borilo, V. K. Ivan...
    Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 61(11):13391346, (2016)
  • Inkjet printing of silver rainbow colloids for SERS chips with polychromatic sensitivity 
    K. E. Yorov, A. V. Grigorieva, A. V. Sidorov, A. Y. Polyakov, I. V. Sukhorukova, D. V. Sht...
    RSC Advances, 6(19), 1553515540 , (2016)


  • ​Ph.D., Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 2019
  • M.S., Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 2015
  • M.S. & B.S., Chemistry, Tajik Technical University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2013

Professional Profile

  • 2020 – present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2014 – 2019: Junior Research Scientist, Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

KAUST Affiliations

KAUST Catalysis Center(KCC)
Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering(PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Material Science Inorganic chemistry Matrial Characterization Nanoparticle synthesis colloidal synthesis of inorganic nanocrystals

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