Ren-Wu Huang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow



Building 5, Level 4, 4315-WS25

Research Interests

Synthesis and Application of Coinage Metal Nanocluster (Cu, Ag, and Au) and Nanocluster-based Metal Organic Frameworks.


Selected Publications

A. Ghosh#, R.-W. Huang#, B. Alamer, E. Abou-Hamad, M. N. Hedhili, O. F. Mohammed and O. M. Bakr*, [Cu61(StBu)26S6Cl6H14]+: A Core–Shell Superatom Nanocluster with a Quasi-J36 Cu19 Core and an “18-Crown-6” Metal-Sulfide-like Stabilizing Belt.
ACS Materials Lett., 2019, 1, 297−302. (# co-first authors)

M. J. Alhilaly, R.-W. Huang, R. Naphade, B. Alamer, M. N. Hedhili, A.-H. Emwas, P. Maity, J. Yin, A. Shkurenko, O. F. Mohammed, M. Eddaoudi and O. M. Bakr *,
Assembly of Atomically Precise Silver Nanoclusters into Nanocluster-based Frameworks,
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141, 24, 9585–9592.

R.-W. Huang, X.-Y. Dong, B.-J. Yan, X.-S. Du, D.-H. Wei, S.-Q. Zang* and T. C. W. Mak,
Tandem Silver Cluster Isomerism and Mixed Linkers to Modulate the Photoluminescence of Cluster‐Assembled Materials, Angew.Chem. Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 8560–8566.

R.-W. Huang, Y.-S. Wei, X.-Y. Dong, X.-H. Wu, C.-X. Du, S.-Q. Zang* and T. C. W. Mak,
Hypersensitive dual-function luminescence switching of a silver-chalcogenolate cluster-based metal–organic framework, Nature Chemistry, 2017, 9, 689–697.


2012 - 2018 MS/Ph.D. Zhengzhou University, China
2008 - 2012 BS Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, China.


Professional Profile

2018 - present Postdoctoral Fellow, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

"KAUST shall be a beacon for peace, hope and reconciliation, and shall serve the people of the Kingdom and the world."

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 1924 – 2015

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