Hakim Mehenni, PhD

Research Scientist

Assistant Professor



Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia

Research Interests

In the Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory (FuNL), Dr. Hakim Mehenni is involved in the synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for plasmonic enhancement of photovoltaic solar cells. He is also working on the development of a new method for the synthesis of high quality silver nanostructures (nanocubes, nanobranches, nanospheres and nanoplates) by flowsynthesis system.

Selected Publications

  • Towards the development of a direct electrochemical biodetector of avidin based on the poly(chloro amino-β-styryl terthiophene) coated glassy carbon electrode.
    H. Mehenni, L. H. Dao
    Australian Journal of Chemistry, 65, 395–401, (2012)
  • Development of an avidin sensor based on the poly(methoxy amino-β-styryl terthiophene)-coated glassy carbon electrode.
    H. Mehenni
    Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 90(3), 271-277, 10.1139/v11-160, (2012)
  • Synthesis and Application of New Photocrosslinkers for Poly(ethylene glycol)
    H. Mehenni, V. Pourcelle, J.-F. Gohy and J. Marchand-Brynaert
    Australian Journal of Chemistry, 65, 193–201, (2012)
  • Synthesis of novel bis(perfluorophenyl azides) coupling agents: Evaluation of their performance by crosslinking of poly(ethylene oxide)
    H. Mehenni, O. M. Bakr
    Reactive and Functional Polymers, Vol. 71, issue 11, 1110-1117, (2011)
  • Simultaneous Determination Of Nanoparticle Size, Density, And Molecular Weight Distributions By 2D Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation
    R. P. Carney, J. Y. Kim, R. Jin, H. Mehenni, F. Stellacci & O. M. Bakr
    Nature Communications, DOI number: 10.1038/ncomms1338, (2011)


  • Ph.D., Materials Science, National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS), Quebec University, Canada, 2007
  • M.Sc., Molecular Chemistry, Joseph Fourier University, France, 2003
  • B.Sc., Biochemistry, Joseph Fourier University, France, 2001

Research Interests Keywords

Nanomaterials Sensors Solar Energy

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