Nano (Metal) Clusters

Noble metal molecular nanoparticles, MMNPs, -mainly Au and Ag- are revolutionary new materials that consist of a distinct number of metal atoms protected by a certain number of stabilizing ligands. They have received keen interest due to their unique optical and electronic properties featured by discrete molecular-like energy levels, size specific HOMO-LUMO gap, and, in multiple of cases, enhanced photoluminescence.
In our lab, we investigate several aspects of MMNPs. These involve the establishment of new methods to enhance their functionality either by ligand exchange or incorporating mixed ligands, the development of high-resolution separation techniques such as gel electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation, in addition to their utilization as active sites in solar, catalytic, electrochemical and photocatalytic materials. We also engaged in crystallization of these nanoclusters for better understanding their fascinating properties.

Selected Reference List:

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  • AbdulHalim, L. G., Kothalawala, N., Sinatra, L., Dass, A., & Bakr, O. M. (2014). Neat and Complete: Thiolate-Ligand Exchange on a Silver Molecular Nanoparticle. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(45), 15865-15868.



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